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Riverside Meats

Riverside Natural Meats ltd. is the predominant supplier of the highest quality of red meat to the food service, local farmers and wholesale market industries.


Through total dedication to customer service we are committed to leading the Canadian Beef, Goat, and Sheep industry in every facet of operation.  We have the best butchers to do custom cutting!

We provide custom slaughter, custom cut and wrap services.


Riverside Natural Meats is British Columbia’s leading independent Abattoir.



Nestled between the magnificent Mount Ida and Fly Hills in Silver Creek Salmon Arm BC lies the original abattoir operation that was started as a family run operation more than 2 decades ago.


In 1998 we saw the writing on the wall with government inspections and became one of the first Abattoirs to comply with their regulations and become provincially certified. 


It has now grown to become one of the dominant abattoir operations in British Columbia.


In it’s 20th year of operation we have been doing business with all aspects of the industry – from end to end processing – including custom slaughter, custom cut and wrap – from retail to local farmers.


Dedication to customer service, having the best team, hard work and a no nonsense work ethic, we remain the industry leader in our adherence to quality. These qualities have seen us withstand recessions, market turn downs and industry outbreaks.


Our industry stakeholders include BC’s leading Certified Organic beef supplier - Blue Goose line of beef. These are finest quality BC grown beef. To find out more please visit